What are the insurance plans offered by M Lhuillier? #

M Lhuillier offers Pinoy Protect Plus, Family Protect Plus, Pawners Protect, Family Protect, and Kwarta Padala Protect.


M Lhuillier has diversified into various products and services through its Insurance Plans & Special Products. With insurance as its core business, MLhuillier developed products and services in telecoms, food products, and ticketing services.


The recently established M Lhuillier General Insurance Agency, Inc. is the company’s enabler to offer various life and non-life insurance products in partnership with reputable insurance companies such as:

  • AIA Philippines

  • Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp.

  • MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc.

  • PhilLife Financials

The following insurance products are available at any M Lhuillier branches nationwide:

A.  Personal Accident Insurance

Pawners Protect (PHP10.00)Kwarta Padala Protect (PHP5.00)Family Protect (PHP30.00)Pinoy Protect Plus (PHP50.00)Family Protect Plus (PHP 99.00)
Accidental Death30, 00020, 00030, 00030, 00030, 000
Disablement /Dismemberment30, 00020, 00030, 00030, 00030, 000
Motorcycling30, 00020, 00030, 00030, 00030, 000
Burial AssistanceNONENONE10, 00010, 00010, 000
Cash AssistanceNONENONENONE10, 00010, 000
Educational AssistanceNONENONENONE5, 000NONE
Fire AssistanceNONENONENONENONE5, 000
Term4 months1 month1year1 year1 year
Qualified Ages18-6518-657-7018-7518-75
No. of Insured11115

B.  CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance

Vehicle ClassAnnual Premiums
MotorcyclePHP 340. 40
Private CarPHP 650.40
Commercial Vehicle (Light & Medium)PHP 700.40
Commercial vehicle (Heavy)PHP 1,290.40
LTO (MC)PHP 340.40
LTO (Heavy)PHP 1,190.40

C.  Dengue RX

AgeAnnual PremiumDengue Hospitalization Coverage (Consumable Reimbursement)Accidental Death, Disablement, Dismemberment
Child (0-20 y/o)PHP 500.0030,00010,000
Adult (21-59 y/o)PHP 150.0030,00010,000

D.  Global Travel Protect Insurance

The country’s first comprehensive CASHLESS travel insurance package designed to provide medical and travel assistance anywhere in the world. In partnership with Ibero Assistencia of Spain, a pioneer in providing worldwide travel insurance, Paramount GTP Premium is designed for every international traveler’s needs. No matter where you are in the world, you have access to the help and support that you need.

1.   Domestic Travel Insurance

2.   International Travel Insurance


-0 to 75 years old at the time of insurance application


-Insured and spouse, 18 to 65 years old

-Children 0 week to 21 years old

-Maximum of 5 persons; 2 adults and eligible children


-Minimum of 10 persons per trip who shall be leaving on the same day and with the same itinerary.

Domestic Travel Plan Options1 Economy Php 500,000.0022 Standard Php 1.5M3 Executive Php 2.5M
International Travel Plan Options1 Economy Php 500,000.002 Standard Php 1.5M3 Executive Php 2.5M4 De Luxe USD 25,000
5 Premium USD 25,0006 De Luxe EUR 40,0007 Premium EUR 60,000

E. OFW Balik Manggagawa Insurance

Republic Act (RA) 10022, amending RA 8042, otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995 where the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) required all agency hired workers to be covered by a compulsory insurance policy, the POEA is also now requiring all returning overseas Filipino workers or Balik Manggagawa who are not registered with them or changed employers on-site to submit a Certificate of Insurance that is similar to benefits and requirements provided under the mandatory insurance coverage.

null6 months $22
12 months$40
18 months$58
24 months$76
30 months$100
36 months$120
42 months$140
48 months$148


To meet the demands of the increasing number of travelling Filipinos, M Lhuillier partnered with different airlines, shipping lines, bus lines, and other travel/tour providers.

Below is the list of tickets available at any M Lhuillier branches nationwide:


  • Cebu Pacific

  • Philippine Airlines

  • Air Asia

B.  2GO Travel

  • SuperCat

  • Trans Asia

C.  GI Corp Philippines BIyahe Ko

BiyaheKo is a product of our organization to address the increasing demands of many agencies to develop and coordinate quality travel and hospitality products and services to their growing clients. At the moment, the BiyaheKo offers full-range services from airline bookings and reservations to customized holiday packages and tours to even mobile reloading and bills payment.

GI Philippines Corp BiyaheKo offers a wide variety of services.

1.   Airline Ticketing (Domestic & International)

2.   Ferry Ticketing (OceanJet & 2Go)

3.   Bus Ticketing (Philtranco & Bicol Isarog)

4.   Holiday Packages & Tour (Domestic & International)

5.   Hotel Bookings

6.   Visa Assistance Processing


A.  Dried Fruits Products

M Lhuillier manufactures a wide variety of food products through its subsidiary - M  Lhuillier Food Products, Inc.

  • Dried Mango

  • Dried Pineapple

  • Dried Mango-Tamarind

  • Dried Jackfruit

  • Dried Coconut

  • Dried Mixed Fruits

B.  ML Water – Mont St. Michel Purified Drinking Water

  • 350 ml

  • 600 ml

  • 1L

  • 1.5L

  • 5 gal

What are the requirements for insurance claims? #

To make a claim, here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Original Copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI)

  • Incident, Police, or Barangay report

  • Properly filled-up personal accident claim form

  • Medico-legal or death certificate

  • Insured person’s valid I.D. card

  • Birth certificate (if single); Marriage contract (if married)

  • Beneficiary’s birth certificate

  • Proof of transaction with ML branch

Family 2

How can I claim the insurance? #

Step 1: #

The claimant shall report the incident at any M Lhuillier branch nationwide. FLA shall notify ISPD of the incident.

Step 2: #

Notice of insurance claim should be made within thirty (30) days after the date of the accident to avoid denial of the claim.

Step 3: #

ISPD will provide a list of requirements to the branch for the claimant’s completion.

Step 4: #

Once the claimant completes the requirements, the case will undergo evaluation and investigation.

Step 5: #

Should there be no additional requirement and the case has been evaluated and approved, check payment will then be processed for the rightful beneficiary.