About M Lhuillier Financial Services

M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. is the largest and most reputable non-bank financial institution that provides immediate monetary needs. We specialize in sending and receiving money that make us the premier remittance center in the Philippines with more than 3,000 existing branches nationwide.

Through our vast network of over 100 trusted remittance partners worldwide, we are able to reach far-flung areas in the country and at the same time cover international locations in a fast and easy manner.

As one of the industry leaders, we offer a wide-range of services and products that include Kwarta Padala, Quick Cash Loan, Insurance Plan, Money Changer, Jewelry, ML Wallet, ML Express and Telco and TV Loading where our customers find the comfort and convenience they seek.

With our loyal customers on top of mind, we also provide top-notch customer service like no other as we continue to be innovative thinkers that are ahead of the game.