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M Lhuillier Newsletter: January - June 2022 Batch 1

February 21, 2023


Give Blood, Save a Life

There is no greater satisfaction than saving someone's life. There are numerous ways to help others, and one of which is by donating blood units. Blood is a human source of life, and those who give, are being recognized as heroes of the family they helped. Blood donors not only provide a vital service to the community, they also make a difference in the lives of others.

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A Better School For A Better Future

Improving the quality of school facilities and the environment indeed has a great impact on the behavior, learning, engagement, and growth of students. School grounds should not only be fun but also safe and healthy with accessible equipment for teachers and children.

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M Lhuillier's Promise of Hope to the Community

Giving back and serving the community has always been always a mission of M Lhuillier. It aims to provide assistance and help improve the lives of Filipino people wherever they are in the country, through upholding community projects.

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A Meal of Joy from M Lhuillier

Children's access to healthy and nutritious food is critical for their proper growth and development. A proper meal will help them maintain good health, which will likely allow them to focus easily and perform well at school or even at home. Good and healthy food would also mean feeling better and having more fun in life.

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Keeping Mother Earth Clean and Green

The year 2022 was chosen as a great opportunity and year for M Lhuillier to address a universal issue concerning our beloved Mother Earth.

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"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change." Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror (1988)

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M Lhuillier: A Beacon of Hope

There are moments when some days are just not the best for many. However, in some relatable cases, it is the whole year that can be the most dreadful for them, and everyone in it is no exception.

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