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For years, M Lhuillier has been a steadfast partner in the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), providing unparalleled financial solutions and support. Our dedication to fostering success extends beyond conventional means, as we recognize the pivotal role that automation plays in today's dynamic landscape

At ML Payroll PRO, we understand the unique challenges faced by MSMEs in managing their day-to-day operations and achieving sustainable growth. With a rich legacy of financial expertise, M Lhuillier introduces ML Payroll PRO as a powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate. Our aim is to empower MSMEs by automating critical processes, facilitating seamless payroll management, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

1. Automated government benefits calculations

The system automatically computes taxes, contributions and deductions, ensuring accurate compliant payroll processes.

2. Flexible Payroll Cycle Settings

The system is designed to accommodate companies with various salary schedules, including weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment cycles. With this flexibility, ML Payroll PRO ensures seamless payroll management, catering to the diverse needs of businesses with different payroll frequencies.

3. Salary Management

Easily manage and customize salary structures, allowances and other benefits based on your company's policies

4. HR Process Automation

Streamline HR Processes such as attendance tracking, leave management and employee onboarding.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Access real-time reports and analytics to gain insights into payroll trends, employees costs and compliance metrics.

6. Payroll Reports and Payslips

Generate comprehensive payroll reports for internal analysis and provide employees with digital payslips for transparency and convenience.

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The ML Payroll System is offered for FREE with no subscription FEES. For businesses eager to explore the advantages of ML Payroll PRO, reach out to Ms. Hanna at 09479990751 or via email at to initiate a conversation about how ML Payroll PRO can be tailored to meet the unique payroll management needs of your business.