Great Opportunity Awaits

It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get onboard the exciting remittance business by accrediting to the ML Kwarta Padala network and enjoy the benefits of brand and product leadership in the remittance industry.

Package Includes

  • Initial Pre-fund of Php25,000 (loaded to ML Wallet)
  • Tablet (Lenovo Yoga 2)
  • MLKP Express System
  • Wifi Printer
  • Marketing Collaterals

Advantages for ML Express

ML Express Business partners are accredited as money transfer agents of M Lhuillier, the most trusted non-bank financial services company in the Philippines.

  1. Partner will automatically enjoy the benefit of getting on board the M Lhuillier network of branches which counts to two thousand five hundred branches nationwide.
  2. Vast and wide network all over the Philippine archipelago.
  3. The ease, comfort, and convenience of going to our locations, have easily made us the location of choice for customers in the financial services industry.

Find Out How it Works

ML Express Business Partners are accredited as money transfer agents of M Lhuillier, the most trusted non-bank financial services company in the Philippines.

As such, the ML Express outlets are authorized to receive cash for sending to another ML Express outlet, M Lhuillier branch or partner-agent in the Philippines or abroad where a receiver may collect the amount sent. Senders go to the ML Express outlet to send or receive cash just like they do any M Lhuillier branch or remittance partner.

Applying for accreditation is quick and easy. Click here for the downloadable accreditation application form and the easy step-by-step accreditation guide.

Once accredited, the ML Express Business Partner is issued a unique ML Wallet account. The start-up operating fund of P25,000 is credited to the account.

For each send-out transaction, the ML Express Business Partner receives cash from the customer and sends the amount out through the ML Kwarta Padala system. The same amount is then debited from his ML Wallet account.

For receive transactions, the ML Express Business Partner confirms through the ML Kwarta Padala system the Kwarta Padala Transaction Number (KPTN) presented by the customer. With a confirmed KPTN, the customer then receives cash, which amount is loaded to the ML Express Business Partner’s ML Wallet.

Quick. Smart. Convenient. With fast returns!!

So become a ML Express Business Partner now! (Fill up the accreditation application form here)


Fill up the Accreditation Form

Fill up the ML Express Business Partner accreditation form here and click ‘submit’. An ML Express Officer will then contact you to proceed with your accreditation. Have the following documents ready and submit the same to the ML Express Officer handling your accreditation:

  • Company Profile
  • Officer’s Profile
  • Business Permit or License
  • BIR Registration
  • BSP Registration and AMLA certificate
  • DTI/SEC Registration

Remit the Investment

Remit P99,000 investment amount to M Lhuillier and collect your start-up package:

  • ML Wallet load of P25,000 as start-up operating fund
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet
  • WiFi Printer
  • ML Kwarta Padala System
  • Marketing Collaterals

Dress up your site

Dress up your site with the ML Express marketing items and enjoy the perks of being an ML Express Business Partner.

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