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Propelled by a strong drive to deliver service excellence and total customer satisfaction, M Lhuillier demonstrates its leadership in the money remittance service with Kwarta Padala.  The service pioneered the cash remittance service in the Philippines and opened wider vistas for Filipinos across social classes and persuasions.  Powered by M Lhuillier Financial’s expansive network of branches in the Philippines, an equally strong partner network abroad and an extremely reliable technology-based system, Kwarta Padala is delivered whenever and wherever it is needed.  Easy and convenient procedures and real-time cash availability through most of the network makes sending and receiving money almost effortless, differentiates the KwartaPadala brand as well as defined the standard of money remittance facilities in this part of the globe.

With Kwarta Padala, M Lhuillier has touched the lives of so many Filipinos, connecting families, allowing unforgettable celebrations, creating beautiful memories, conveying comfort, extending helping hands and facilitating business transactions, helping fulfill many a Filipino’s dreams.  Kwarta Padala demonstrates M Lhuillier’s brand promise of efficiency and reliability.

International and Domestic Remittance

Sending money has never been faster!

Send money sent through any of almost 100 M. Lhuillier partner-agents in locations overseas.  Send money through any M Lhuillier branch in the Philippines.  You remit stress-free because there is always a partner-agent or a branch near you.  You rest easy, knowing you are sending through a secure and reliable network.

Receive money through any of the 1,850 branches of M Lhuillier all over the Philippines.  Pick-up your money anytime at any of the 150 branches operating 24/7 in the key cities of the country, or as late as 10:00 p.m. in most other branches.  So convenient!  So easy!

Our Remittance Partners

M Lhuillier has remittance partners all over the globe, so that no matter where you are, you can send money fast! (Click on the map to view our list of partners)


Looking to send money? We move your money fast!

Here are the most recent Kwarta Padala transaction rates:

Tipid Rates which start at P 3.00


We move your money fast. The Value of Giving!

M Lhuillier has made money transfer even easier with the new ML Kwarta Padala Gift Card.

What is a ML Kwarta Padala Gift Card?

The ML Gift Card is a SCRATCH CARD that allows you to send money any time anywhere in the Philippines using your cellphone! ML Gift Card cards are currently available in two amounts – 500 pesos and 1000 pesos.


How to Send:

  1. Scratch the part where the CARD ID is printed
  2. To send using the ML Gift Card (KP-TO-GO Card), just text MLKP SEND card id/pin/recipient last name/recipient first name/recipient middle name (optional), send to 0922-999-2102
  3. Wait for the text confirmation that the transaction was successfully completed. The return text will indicate your KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number)
  4. Advise receiver to pick up the money at any M Lhuillier Branch. Receiver should bring valid ID for identification and submit KPTN to claim the money.