home loan

Guidelines & Parameters

QualifiedLocally Employed, OFW, Self-Employed, Pensioner
PurposeRenovation, Additional Capital & Personal Consumption
CollateralTCT or CCT
Type of FacilityHome Loan
Amount of LoanUp to 50% of AV for Lot, 60% of AV for H&L
Term of LoanMaximum of 60 Months
Interest Rate24% per annum (P+I)
Manner of PaymentML Wallet
Other Charges/Deduction upon release1% of AV- Application fee
REM Fee based on actual Computaion set by ROD
Fire Insurance & life Insurance based on Amount Finance.
Mode of DisbursementDisburse thru our ML Branch
CollateralsOriginal TCT & CCT

Term and Conditions

  • Client must submit Tax Declaration for Land & Building.

  • Original TCT or CCT

  • Original Tax Clearance

  • Sketch Plan

  • Certified True Copy of Title

  • Client must submit or endorse the Insurance Policy in favor to M Lhuillier.

  • Loan amount is 60% of the Appraised Value for House and Lot or Commercial.

  • Loan Amount is 50% of the Appraised Value for lot only.

  • Client must pay the appraisal fee of Minimum of Php 4,500 upon application

  • Pre-termination Fee is 3% based on Oustanding Balance.

  • Penalty Charge is 5% based on Oustanding Balance.

How to avail
  1. You may visit our nearest ML Branch  bring the following Requirements.

    A. Original  Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), (CCT) Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT).

  2. Tax Declaration, Sketch Plan, Tax Clearance.

  3. Fill up application form and wait for call.

Frequently Asked Questions #

All LNCR and VisMin branches accept Home Loan.