M Lhuillier Helps Promote Personal Hygiene to Young Learners

Latest · August 2, 2021

When it comes to infectious diseases like COVID-19, prevention is always better than cure. And so, there is a need to disinfect and wash your hands frequently to help stop the spread. However, a lot of communities still lack the proper facilities to aid this.

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M Lhuillier and DITO Team Up to Provide Better Solutions for Filipinos

Latest · July 21, 2021

It's been more than a year since the pandemic happened and Filipinos are still trying their best to keep CoVid-19 at bay. From wearing face masks and face shields to staying at home and scheduling CoVid-19 vaccinations, the Philippines and the Filipino people are making a collective effort to stop the spread of CoVid-19.

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PaMLyang Pilipino holds Community Pantries

Latest · July 15, 2021

The drastic effects of Covid 19 continue to be immensely felt all throughout the year. Though the initial roll out of vaccines are highly encouraged, the country remains to struggle on fully recovering. Amid the country's stirring challenges, a helpful trend has bagged so much clamor unto society. This initiative of doing a community pantry restores faith in humanity and encourages a more disciplined camaraderie system to mitigate the insufficiency of daily needs of underprivileged households. M Lhuillier took the initiative to support these PaMLyang Pilipinos who needed help.

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M Lhuillier Surprises Suking Nanays on Mother's Day

Latest · July 12, 2021

This year and the year before, Mother’s Day celebrations have been different for families around the world as we continue our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, this makes it all the more important to celebrate this special day, and pay tribute to our mothers for their resilience in keeping our families safe and well.

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Adopt-A-Barangay by M Lhuillier goes on

Latest · July 9, 2021

The Barangay is the most basic unit of administration in the Philippines. It is the native Filipino term for a village, district, or ward. Each barangay consists of a captain, officials, and peace makers or more colloquially known as barangay tanods. These tanods are resident volunteers in the area who play a vital role in crime prevention and order in the district. 

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Enjoy safe and contactless transaction using ML Wallet

Latest · July 7, 2021

Queuing to pay for our purchases or bills using cash can be quite a hassle and considerably unsafe these days. With a lockdown imposed last year forcing businesses to close, paying at a bank or store counter made it difficult for consumers. While the strict quarantine measures were slowly eased in the past few months, people and businesses are still required to take steps to practice physical distancing. This has led to Filipinos embracing digital alternatives which reduce the spread of the virus that could otherwise be passed on through paper bills and coins.

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M Lhuillier's motorcycle acceptance for collateral made easy

Latest · July 3, 2021

M Lhuillier has constantly explored various ways to make the lives of Filipino families become more convenient. With the dire need to prioritize mobility and transportation, M Lhuillier has sought immense options to help more households achieve their dream vehicles and fulfill immediate portability needs through Motorcycle Loans.

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