M Lhuillier Celebrates Valentine’s Day with the Missionaries of the Poor

Latest · April 3, 2023

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many people around the world. It’s a day of love and appreciation for the people we care about the most. For M Lhuillier, it’s not just about celebrating with their loved ones but also about spreading love to those who need it the most. This year, M Lhuillier chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way by spending it with the people of the Missionaries of the Poor at Uldog Street, Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu.

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Stronger Than Ever: OFWs Send More Money Home with M Lhuillier’s Secure Money Transfer Service

Latest · March 28, 2023

M Lhuillier, the country’s largest and leading non-bank financial institution, is setting itself up to make it more convenient for Filipinos living abroad to safely send and receive money back home. This comes in response to the recent upward trend of remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

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Latest · March 22, 2023

M Lhuillier has long been renowned for offering its clients excellent financial services. It continuously seeks out methods to improve the lives of the Filipino family, and has done so again with the latest announcement.

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Bridging the Gap with Medical Missions: Bringing Assistance and Optimism to Communities

Latest · March 20, 2023

M Lhuillier has always been a trustworthy remittance partner for Filipinos, providing financial services to meet the needs of every kapaMLya. But, beyond their usual offerings, M Lhuillier also cares for its citizens' well-being.

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M Lhuillier Receives Two Awards During The 2023 Lazada's Partners' Appreciation Night

Latest · March 14, 2023

January 27 2023, Pasay City (Philippines) - Lazada Logistics held its annual Partners’ Appreciation Night at the Hard Rock Café. The said ceremony is done to give recognition and appreciation to Lazada’s partners that have made an impact in providing excellent customer and business services through their brand all over the Philippines.

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Latest · March 9, 2023

Becoming a victim of a typhoon or other natural catastrophe is something we all want to avoid in life. This is one of the things we fear the most, especially for people who live in a non-concrete house where it can easily fall apart every time a strong gust of wind hits. Damage to property and livelihoods, particularly for those whose well-being depends on the abundance of the land and mountains, cannot be prevented no matter how well we prepare.

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MLhuillier Cash & Wheels Arangkada Grand Winner welcomes 2023 with new motorbike for his father

Latest · February 8, 2023

As we come into a brand new year, everyone hopes to overcome life’s challenges with hard work to achieve a better future for themselves and their families. Gilbert Agustin, a former OFW and heavy equipment truck operator, is one such hard-working Pinoy dreaming of a better future for his loved ones.

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