Ride Your Prize!

Latest · July 20, 2022

Not everyone is lucky enough to win a motorcycle just by transacting at M Lhuillier.

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It’s Not Just Business – M Lhuillier Also Puts a Premium on Healthcare

Latest · July 18, 2022

Community health is the holistic well-being of the members in a certain area. To ensure that the health needs of the people in the community are addressed and residents receive the care they need, M Lhuillier, through its OPEC groups, conducted timely medical missions and provide health care services and seminars in different regions of the country

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Earth Warriors: M Lhuillier Joins the Fight to Save the Environment

Latest · July 5, 2022

The call for everyone to help save the environment is much stronger now that we are feeling the effects of climate change. And with recent news of looming threats to our planet, we have to act fast.

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College Freshmen Get Scholarship from M Lhuillier

Latest · June 28, 2022

American statesman and US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Investing in proper education doesn’t just help improve one’s financial situation in the future, but it also makes your mind richer.

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Latest · June 25, 2022

With the inflation rate on the rise and the economy still not doing well, many want to boost their financial status to make both ends meet. For the “madiskarteng” Pinoy, it means considering a small business for that extra cash. Yet, when you embark on this venture, you have to hurdle a lot of obstacles and challenges.

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Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko: M Lhuillier conducts concurrent Bloodletting activities

Latest · June 23, 2022

M Lhuillier believes that blood donation is a moral obligation and a social responsibility to give back to the community. Multiple OPEC clusters conducted a series of blood letting drives. Apart from M Lhuillier’s volunteer donors, employees, and officers, partner institutions like Love Radio and Philippine Red Cross Chapters co-hosted some of the drives. Everyone involved expressed their enthusiasm, willingness, and gratefulness to participate. The project aims to encourage employees and its stakeholders to donate blood in aid of the growing needs of hospitals and health centers for blood especially in this pandemic.

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Not Red But Gold - ML Jeweller’s Valentine Gift To A Loyal Customer

Latest · June 15, 2022

Roses are red, violets are blue—Rose Bahaynon took the challenge and won the "Wear it to Win it" promo.

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