January 22, 2017 is one of the most awaited day of the people of Manukan, ZDN and also the presenced of M.Lhuillier to joined the Sinulog 2017 in Manukan through the participation of OPEC-BEST, spearheaded the Zanorte Region Regional Manager Mariolito Z. Obeñita and the support of four ( 4 ) Area Managers in the Region, Albert P. Regencia ( AM Area 1), Rosseller D. Butuan (AM Area 2 ), Ewald S. Ordinaria( AM Area 3 ) and Julius Ian E. Palacio ( AM Area 4 ).

Sinulog usually held at sunday and known as a rest day of the Regional Manager and Area Managers but because of their dedication to their work and the love of them to their Region’s respective OPEC they rather chose to be part of the celebration and make it a memorable one. The support and a complete presence of the Region’s head helped to motivates the Organizational Productivity Enhancement Committee leaders to be responsible enough for the near future task.

          That is why during the event of Sinulog sa Manukan 2017 the OPEC-BEST Officers unshaken in facing under the sun just celebrated together the Manukanian people during their Sinulog Street Dancing Parade by giving ML give-aways and flyers to promote ML services to the viewers, when they also witnessed the street dancing from different contenders wearing their delightful and attractive customs.