Last June 15, 2017, Mlhuillier Philippines with OPEC-GOLD officers in Dacoda Region sponsored the Bloodletting Activity which was held at Philippine Red Cross Chapter at Compostela Valley Province with collaboration of Philippine National Police.

The employees of Mlhuillier and Philippine National Police participated in the bloodletting activity with the theme of “DUGO KO ALAY KO”. Those who donate their blood were taking care of by the medical technologist of Philippine Red Cross.

Blood Donors of the said activity was given the right food to eat for fast recovery. They also received ML T-shirts and towels. After the event, MLhuillier services were introduced to PNP and we became more known as tie up of PSSLAI.

The activity was made possible with the efforts of all officers in the region headed by Mr. Edison F. Relon, OPEC GOLD president.