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M Lhuillier Newsletter: July - December 2021 Batch 2

August 10, 2022


Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko: M Lhuillier Conducts Concurrent Bloodletting Activities

M Lhuillier believes that blood donation is a moral obligation and a social responsibility to give back to the community. Multiple OPEC clusters conducted a series of blood letting drives. Apart from M Lhuillier’s volunteer donors, employees, and officers, partner institutions like Love Radio and Philippine Red Cross Chapters co-hosted some of the drives. Everyone involved expressed their enthusiasm, willingness, and gratefulness to participate. The project aims to encourage employees and its stakeholders to donate blood in aid of the growing needs of hospitals and health centers for blood especially in this pandemic.

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Bayanihan Para sa Paaralan: Multiple Facilities Donated for Brigada Eskwela

Education molds so many positive changes in human life. It allows an opportunity to know and to comprehend beyond what is in books to real life. It enhances one’s capacities, skills, and intelligence leading to a successful life.

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Hope for the entire community by M Lhuillier

Only a purpose driven life is a life well lived - caring for the community is one of the values that M Lhuillier inculcates among its employees. It does not only have positive effects on society, but it will bring benefits to one’s life and personal development. Diverse initiatives like clean-up drives, water tank provisions, placement of signages, construction of sheds, installation of motor pumps, donation of fish nets and continuous feeding programs were done by the different OPEC Chapters in several areas in the nation. In Damulog, Bukidnon, OPEC Kagay-an then conducted a turnover ceremony for the new terminal’s signage and trash bins. The local government unit sees this gesture as a way to promote tourism in the area through colorful signages and infrastructures that will surely catch the eyes of possible investors within the localities.

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May Karamay Ka: M Lhuillier Conducts Relief Operations to Calamity Victims

As the rainy months come and go in the country, oftentimes severe flooding affects provinces in the whole nation. Traces of the multiple typhoons affecting the country reflect its rampage all throughout time.

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Earth Warriors: M Lhuillier Joins the Fight to Save the Environment

The call for everyone to help save the environment is much stronger now that we are feeling the effects of climate change. And with recent news of looming threats to our planet, we have to act fast.

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It’s Not Just Business–M Lhuillier Also Puts a Premium on Healthcare

Community health is the holistic well-being of the members in a certain area. To ensure that the health needs of the people in the community are addressed and residents receive the care they need, M Lhuillier, through its OPEC groups, conducted timely medical missions and provide health care services and seminars in different regions of the country

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College Freshmen Get Scholarship From M Lhuillier

American statesman and US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Investing in proper education doesn’t just help improve one’s financial situation in the future, but it also makes your mind richer.

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M Lhuillier Tree Of Hope: Lightning Up Cebu City For 21 Years

Entering its third decade, the M Lhuillier Tree of Hope lights up theentireCebu from Fuente Osmena, right at the city’s very center.

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