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M Lhuillier Newsletter: January - June 2021 Batch 1

September 15, 2021


M Lhuillier Fights Covid-19 With Branches Disinfections

All over the world, people are sanitizing, wiping, and fumigating surfaces with an urgent sense of purpose: to fight the coronavirus. In a world that’s been radically redefined by the pandemic, good public hygiene practice of individuals and businesses alike is a matter of everyone’s safety.

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M Lhuillier: Ang Tunay Na Pag-asa Ng PaMLyang Pilipino

PaMLyang Bumabangon sa Sunog. M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. has delivered essential help and support to various areas in the half year that has passed. Numerous families nationwide have been given aid in one of the most critical moments in their lives. Starting off with January 8, 2021 at Cabato Road, Tetuan Zamboanga City; 254 families and around 1,400 individuals were given donations for the immense fire incident.

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M Lhuillier Conducts Successful Bloodletting Drive

Even during the pandemic, there is no shortage of individuals who are in need of blood. M Lhuillier’s mission has always been to give support and help where it is needed. This is why M Lhuillier, with the cooperation of OPEC and Red Cross Cebu Chapter, conducted a bloodletting activity to aid in increasing the blood bank supply.

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M Lhuillier Reaches Out To Children And The Elderly As One Big Happy Pamilya

On January 28, 2021, M LHUILLIER OPEC Kulintang Team headed by Lorelay Rulona together with officers; Regional Manager Romel Jorolan and Area Manager Randy Lopez went to the Blessed Mind Mission Center at TJC Homes, Sudapin Kidapawan City.

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Tulong Para Sa Barangay: An M Lhuillier Project

In many ways, the coronavirus pandemic has brought people together for one common goal: help each other during these trying times. With the world in crisis, M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. sprung into action to aid Filipinos affected by job loss, hunger, and stress from keeping their family safe.

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Pamilyang OPEC: Patuloy Ang Laban Sa Covid-19

It has been a tedious year since the Corona Virus has struck the entire world. After months of continuous battle and recovery against the pandemic, M Lhuillier has unceasingly dedicated themselves to generously extend help towards various sectors in the community.

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M Lhuillier OPEC Teams Express Their Love For Nature With Environmental Activities

PLANTING SEEDS OF CHANGE WITH M LHUILLIER M Lhuillier has been involved in diverse tree planting activities throughout the years. On multiple occasions, OPEC chapters have actively done the following initiatives on verdure rehabilitation. Starting off with a remarkable revisiting of one of their plantation sites from 12 years ago.

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The Spirit of Bayanihan Shines Through M Lhuillier’s Community Pantries

The CoVid-19 saw many countries imposing lockdowns and community quarantines, the Philippines being one of them. While benefiting the health and safety of our communities, these lockdowns have affected millions of people who have become unemployed leaving them with little to no food on the table.

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