The following are valid IDs that are acceptable in Kwarta Padala (sending and receiving money) transactions, Quick Cash Loans and Money Exchange at any M. Lhuillier location:

I. The following GOVERNMENT -issued IDs –

1. Alien Certification of Registration (ACR) or Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR)

2. Driver’s License issued by the Philippine government (If issued by foreign countries or jurisdiction, M. Lhuillier reserves the right to require additional valid identification document/card such as passport, National ID or a local ID of the holder/customer or the presentation of documents that will further assure the represented/asserted identity of customer).

3.  Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Electronic Card ID or (E-Card PLUS).

4 . National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance with signature and photo (M.Lhuillier  may not consider “Clearance Renewal Card” as valid ID because of the purpose upon which it was issued.  However it is a good supporting document of identification.

5. Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) ID or Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Visa card.

6. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID (issued by DOLE)

7. Passport issued by Philippine and foreign governments (  For foreign passports, there are instances when M. Lhuillier may require additional valid identification or presentation of documents that will further assure the represented/asserted identity of customer due to issues of familiarity and authentication of the foreign-issued document.  Examples of these circumstances are: i. first time sends or receives of large amounts; ii. High frequency transactions; and iii. Transactions involving multiple counter-parties)

8. Police Clearance Certificate (with signature of holder/applicant and digitized photo)

9. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID

10. Seaman’s Book and Seafarer’s Registration Certificate

11. Senior Citizen’s ID

12. Social Security System (SSS) ID with photo

13. Voter’s or New Voter’s ID
14. Other Government Office and GOCC IDs (example but not limited to: Armed Forces of the Philippines ID,  Fire Arm License issued by the AFP, HDMF/PagIBIG, Postal, PhilHealth, DSWD, NCWDP, etc)

II. Other acceptable IDs include:

15. Integrated Bar of the Philippines Membership Card or ID

III. IDs stated below are acceptable only at M.Lhuillier branches that are located within the locality (city or municipality) where these identification documents or cards are issued:

16. Barangay Identification

IV. Employment ID, which are issued by private institutions or entities that are REGISTERED with, SUPERVISED or REGULATED BY the

Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC];
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas [BSP]; or
Insurance Commission [IC]

V.   School ID (for MINOR receivers, i.e., those below 18 years of age but of such school age enough to appreciate/understand the value and use of money)

First time customers using school IDs are asked to present, together with the school ID, current study load or study load of the immediately preceding school year as supporting document. Other qualified supporting documents are –

Enrollment Card; or
Official Receipts (O.R.) issued by the school; or
Assessment Slips.

VI.   The documents below are good supporting documents :

Birth/Marriage Certificates and Certificate of Singleness;
Billing and Bank Statements (such as those issued by Electric companies, Water service companies, Credit card issuers, Telecom companies, etc.)
Credit Cards
Those Identification Cards that M. Lhuillier may not consider as valid ID for the transaction.

Kind Note to customers (with emphasis on ID Types No. I.15, III, IV and V)

M.Lhuillier reserves its right or discretion to verify authenticity of any of these identification documents (IDs) directly from its issuing authorities, where the attending branch employee finds reason or basis to do so because of any, some or all of the circumstance(s) present on: (i)the ID itself, (ii)the nature of customer’s transaction including details supplied for mandatory/required information, (iii)customer type/classification, (iv)location of the branch; and the lack of other independent authenticating/corroborating identification documents.

The company requests the customers’ kind indulgence in case the procedure may entail delay or if failure to verify under this and alternative means, may result to refusal in processing your (the customer’s) transaction(s).

Whenever it deems necessary, M. Lhuillier may accept other IDs not in the list provided that it shall not be the sole means of identification. Likewise, in case any of the IDs or ID types enumerated herein contains ID photos that are not clear or not current or don’t have any picture of the customer, M.Lhuillier may exercise its discretion to use its own technology to capture the photo or profile of said customers and/or their authorized representatives where applicable.(§X806.2.c. (4.) to (7.), BSP Circular No. 706 Series of 2011)

On the other hand, MLhuillier reserves the right to refuse any of the IDs listed here on reasonable ground.

M. Lhuillier does all these in order to protect the interests of its customers and to properly execute or carry out the senders’ instructions of delivering the money only to the rightful receiver/s, while ensuring that the financially and socially disadvantaged are not denied access to financial services; all upon the commitment to serve you better and to comply with the relevant laws and rules that govern its pawnshops/quick cash loan, money remittance and money changing services.



We wish to remind our dear customers that by valid ID it generally means:

  • Photo-bearing;
  • Has the Name and Signature of the holder/owner thereof;
  • Not expired at the time of use/transaction
  • Issued by Official Authority