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The “BAYANIHAN SPIRIT” of Filipinos prevails overseas!

 USA – less than a week after the devastating turn-out of events brought about by the world’s strongest typhoon hit the Philippines, Filipinos established in California donated funds thru 17 M Lhuillier branches found in the area to help out fellow brothers trapped in the dilemma of survival back home.

Other than Filipinos, foreigners did the deed of helping out as well. It is said that out of 4 Million Fil-ams in the United States half of which sends money back to the Philippines in a regular basis to help finance expenses of their families. Most of them earn fairly enough for their own cost of living, but still according to Mr. Lorenzo Escaño, General Manager of M Lhuillier USA, “They sent money to help those who are more in need, So if they’re willing to help during normal times, imagine when there is extensive disaster”. He also adds that instead of pushing on with their awaited grand Christmas party they rather opt to donate the allocated funds  for charity work in the Philippines.

All funds gathered will be used to help finance the relief operations conducted by M Lhuillier Philippines within the unsound regions greatly affected by Yolanda a.k.a Haiyan.

In the spirit of giving and social responsibility, According to the President of the M Lhuillier Group of Companies, Mr. Michel Lhuillier “We are focusing our efforts on providing relief goods to grief stricken areas scourged by the monster typhoon”. The benevolent company has already conducted operations jumping from the affected areas of Iloilo, Cebu and to the gravely hit regions of Leyte and Samar. There are still more to be doled out to these areas as they are still blocking their next set of schedules for their second wave of relief operations.

As of recent efforts, the nations “Tulay ng Pilipino” has already conducted a series of interlocking relief operations. One of which has allowed them to land their focus on the people of Leyte and Samar. Just last November 26, 2013 a loaded convoy all the way from Cebu City led its way to where the eye of the storm left the living only with their lives.

Trucks and cars loaded with relief goods of more than THREE THOUSAND life packs set out and had contents apportioned to residents of Ormoc, Palo, Tanauan, Tacloban and reachable areas in Samar. The team gave out packs containing kilos of rice, canned goods, fresh milk, hygenic supplies such as soap, tooth past and tooth brushes to everyone who lined up for the operation. A special lane was also assembled for kids. A brief delight from sweets and other treats were too enjoyed by children ages 13 years and below

The nation’s leading brand in money remittance services stands with a network of international partners who were all willing to help. Financial aid came all the way from concerned patrons and partners of companies such as TML Remittance Center Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and Mercury Quick. Smart Communication also took the initiative of sending in sim packs of almost 1,500 pieces which do-gooder employees of M Lhuillier Philippines gave out.

Mrs. Remedios Batucan, Manager of the Human Resource and Management Division of the sponsoring company said that, “Including the many towns found in Iloilo, Cebu and CAAR that were part of our target sites, Leyte and Samar regions sadly have got to be the most ailing” she also added that “I may never even be able to completely grasp the ideal of what  it means to be called a survivor”.

For M Lhuillier Philippines this is just the first phase of their commitment to helping scarred communities. Like actual scars, this too shall heal. Sharing their future course of action, Mr. Arne Jude Millares, General Manager for VisMin said that “all our efforts on corporate social responsibility programs will all aim to educate locals with livelihood campaigns and projects that will hopefully help them earn to regain what they’ve lost and rebuild what remains”. He also casually shared in a discussion the opportunity to help and contribute. He explained that in this situation “our society is dichotomized by being part of either ends of a line; the group that is privileged to give and the side that is blessed to receive. If one finds himself in the former then he must do his share and that is what M Lhuillier Philippines is doing”

As of today M Lhuillier Philippines is also in strict effort of reviving even their affected branches. It won’t be long until such time that they will be back in full operation. You may check out their facebook fan page and website to find out updates of which locatons found in devastated areas are now back in full swing pumping funds to receivers.

Please keep on visiting http://www.facebook.com/mlhuillierfinancialservices or www.mlhuillier.com for your referred information. With almost 1,700 branches in the Philippines and nearing 500,000 partner locations worldwide, your every transaction is a promise of a better tomorrow that awaits you.

 *Below is the list of gracious people overseas who extended help to fellow Filipinos who are survivors of the recent STRONGEST TYPHOON that hit the Philippines.