By: OPEC NEWS Region

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After the super typhoon Yolanda a.k.a Haiyan swept through Leyte and Samar last November, hope continues to radiate at the end of the tunnel. The world saw the bitterness that the Filipinos have endured. They came and ushered to every survivor.  But the great thing is that our fellow Filipinos are also doing their part to give tangible and intangible aid to those who were deeply afflicted.

 Last November 11, 2013, M Lhuillier Philippines, a non-bank financial services company, travelled all the way to Samar to distribute 220 packs of relief goods to its employees and to the worst hit families in Guiuan. On the 5th of December, the ML’s Samar team, which was headed by Regional Manager (RM) Rodulfo Alburo, Jr., didn’t stop to give relief goods to the numerous barangays who are in need.

485 families gratefully said their “SALAMAT” to M Lhuillier for bridging to them by providing their necessities. Through this gesture, it could help and motivate them to continue to rebuild after their tremendous experience with the typhoon.

Each has their own stories to share. But this is not just another story but a calling to anyone to act now and reach out to those survivors. Let’s help! Maging #TulaysaPagBangonNGVISAYAS